Caring for your Stained Glass
We make a cardboard box for each piece of stained glass that is the
rough size of the artwork. When you get home, you may wish to cut all
of the tape so that it opens easily.

Most importantly is making sure that the piece is hung in a way that it
will not fall. We recommend using an eye hook screwed into the top of
the window frame. Use a piece of strong fishing line to secure the piece
and a suction cup to keep it flat against the window. Our advice is

With time, the piece may become dusty - take it down and gently clean
with  a low-lint towel or an old t-shirt. Use an old toothbrush to remove
any white residue. After dusting, you can shine the glass, by buffing it
with a little caranuba wax (like Turtle Wax). We wax each piece after
completing it and making the box.

It is best not to let the pieces get wet. DO NOT USE GLASS
CLEANER!!  The metals will oxidize and you will need to clean and wax
it more often.