Here are some pictures of our newest branch of our colorful creations that we
have made.
tie dye bandanna
Bandannas are great for many reasons. They
keep your forehead from burning on a sunny
day, they keep your hair back on a windy day
and these just look great as well. These are
22" x 22" and are made from 100 % cotton.
Please keep in mind that tie-dye is not an
exact science and as we do our best to
recreate these designs, we can never get the
exact same color combinations.
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tie dye socks
Bandannas price plus shipping
$8.00 each   4 for $30.00
button down tie dye dress shirt
The best socks ever!!!!
These socks are made from bamboo! They keep your feet dry and are
anti-bacterial. The best part though is the colors. These are the talk of the town.
Once you feel these socks, you won't want any other kind.
These socks go fast - supply is limited.
Price: $10.00/pair  3 pairs for $25.00 plus shipping
One Pair
The classy tie-dye!!!!
This dress shirt makes a great addition to any wardrobe.
Button ups for men, peasant blouses for women. It will
definitely turn heads. These shirts are making a splash
downtown. Just let us know what size and colors fit you.
Price: $40.00 plus shipping
Kid sizes - $7.00/pair   3 pairs for $20.00 plus shipping
tie dye onesie baby clothes spiral
tie dye onesie baby clothes purple
tie dye baby clothes onesie ribbed stripe rainbow
Adorable Dresses!
We have play dresses for little girls, sizes 2,4
and 6. These are great for the little ones. One
girl calls it her "painted dress" and makes
everyone that sees it want a daughter.
Wild Onesies!
We have onesies made Carter's. These are a must for every child. The colors are
great for kids (: and they make it hard to see if they spilled anything on them :)  We
do newborn to 24 month. Short sleeves are always available, long sleeves depend
on what is in stock
Price: $14.00 for short sleeve $16.00 for long sleeve plus shipping

Short sleeve                              Long sleeve
spiral rainbow tie dye shirt
double spiral tie dye shirt
stripe ribbed tie dye shirt
rainbow spiral tie dye shirt
Any size and (to quote a phrase) any colour you like. These t-shirts are bright and beautiful. We use 100%
cotton t-shirts. The quality of the shirts is important and we try to use V-necks for women's shirts.
Price:  $14.00 for kid sizes    adults - $20.00 for short sleeve $27.00 for long sleeve plus shipping

Short sleeve                              Long sleeve                                                 Kid size
Small (2-4)

Medium (6-8)

Large (10-12)




2x Large
Mountain Family Stained Glass presents:
Three Pairs
Infant sizes - $6.00/pair   3 pairs for $15.00 plus shipping
tie dye scarf
These are wonderful accessories for any season. They
are made from 100% rayon and measure 70 inches
long by 20 inches wide, with knotted fringe.
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$35.00 plus shipping
tye tie dye dog shirt pitbull
tye dye baby toddler body suit

Three month to 24 month and size 4
$35.00 plus shipping
3 month

6 month

12 month

18 month

24 month

Size 4
tie dye woman shirt

Coming soon!!
$35.00 plus shipping.
Contact us for availability
women tie dye long sleeve shirt