Important note:
We make new pieces almost daily as
these are quick sellers. Each piece is
handmade and unique. It is impossible to
recreate any given piece. The item you
receive will be very similar, but not
exactly as shown in the picture.

These glow in the dark light switch covers are
available for $10.00 each, 2 for $17.00 plus
shipping. The double switches are $15.00 each
plus shipping. Each cover has the screw holes
hollowed out for easy mounting. They look great
under a black light as well.  

Shipping costs are: 1 - 5 switches = $3.00
5 - 9 switches = $5.00
10 + switches = $7.00

Contact us to order or for more options on switch
plate styles. We do dimmer switches and gfi covers
as well.
Light switch and Outlet cover set
This is a matching set of a single light switch and outlet
cover. They fit any standard size switch and outlet.
$20.00 including shipping
Single Light switch cover
This is a single light switch cover that fits any standard size switch.
$13.00 including shipping
These glow in spirals and are available in
your choice of colors. We have found that
black and glowy white work well with almost
any two colors.
Please note that we can make any type of cover in
any color combination. Just
contact us to let us know
what you need.
Mountain Family Stained Glass
Double Light switch cover
This is a double light switch cover that fits any standard size switch.
$18.00 including shipping
Triple Light Switch cover
Fits triple light switches, slightly larder than standard size
for room for extra artwork
$26.00 including shipping