Are you looking for a great project for your school or group? This is a great chance to give young
people time to learn the craft of stained glass. We have taught 5th graders at a local elementary
school what it is like to do stained glass. The kids design their own patterns and get to make them
into real works of art for the school or for themselves.

We'll work with you to come up with a program to fit your needs. The easiest way to organize a class,
is to consider an all inclusive price of $50.00 per student (10 people minimum) and everyone makes
a butterfly. Advanced instruction is available, as well as tools and glass, so you can create your own
pieces at home. A class to make a butterfly is about four hours long.

We can also work with home schooling leagues, summer camps, religious groups or individuals.

contact us for program details.
school program
school program
Bell school glass
Some of the stuff that the kids designed and helped make!
Mountain Family Stained Glass
The girl pictured above designed this piece
and it was voted best to represent the school
by the kids in the class.
A class in Florida. Making butterflies.
This was a fun gathering along the banks of the Suwannee River. We
made butterflies and roses and moons and dragonflies.
The finished product
Tools of the trade
Starter kits and glass are
available at classes