We are cracking up. This year, for the first time ever, we're having a starving
artist sale.  We're liquidating some of our large panels, to make way for new
creations. These pieces are one of a kind! If a piece is marked sold, we can still
make similar items.
Steal Your Face Rose
Stunning! Beveled Victorian inspired petals
has one invisible, non-structural crack in small red piece
Was $400, now $250
Tree Of Life
Oblong Stealy mosaic w/ rose (about 8"x18")
has one invisible, non-structural crack across thin temple piece
Was $450, now $350
Tree of Life mosaic (about 2'x3')
Was $600, now
Cats Under the Stars
Jerry! In wood frame
Was $350, now
Bluegrass In The Backwoods
Cats Under the Stars!
This piece has iridized glass for a great
effect when front lit.
Was $175, now $150
Mandala mountain harmony
Bluegrass in the Backwoods
In Wood Frame
Was $550, now
Mountain Harmony
Was $400, now $275
awakening - mandolin girl and mountain
Mama Gaia
a few small cracks in clear border pieces
Was $450, now $325
Mama Gaia
Was $450, now $300
magfest Wedding Bell - small
Shell Mosaic
Shell Mosaic In Wood Frame
This piece uses real seashells with the glass.
Picture doesn't do it justice.  Unfortunate crack in bottom middle.
Was $450, now $200
Magnoliafest Wedding Bell
A few etches on blue pieces
Was $375, now $250
dancing mushroom cabinet
Sun moon eclipse
small cracks in border pieces=reduced price!
Was $350, now $250
Dancing Mushrooms Retro cabinet
This is a great piece for hanging near a
door for keys or in a kitchen for spices.
Was $125, now
Mushrooms In Love
Small suncatcher (3" x 5")
Was $30.00 special price
includes shipping!!
Mushrooms in Love
Was $175, now $140
Small Dragonfly
Special Price $15.00, includes gift box!
Colors vary, please specify wing and
body preferences.
This page is still in progress.
Please check back to see
more discounted iems, as
well as exact measurements.
Jerry Garcia