Here are some pictures of window panels that we have made.
This piece was inspired by the logo for
Magfest in the fall of 2006. It now resides in  
Stamford, CT. (about 2' x 3')
Installed in a sauna room near Asheville, NC
Purchased at the Philly Folk Fest by a
family near Philadelphia, PA.
eclipse installed
This window is in an old farmhouse in Chambersburg, PA. We sent
this piece through the USPS. It was packed with foam and wood
paneling. (33" x 20 1/4") The family installed this piece between 2
pieces of tempered glass for extra insulation in the attic.
This is a 20" x 20" custom window for a
banjo enthusiast. It was set into a
wooden frame.
bunny rabbit turtle window panel
Another wedding gift. The bridesmaids
had this piece made for the couple
getting married.
This piece stayed in Asheville. It is 24" x 24" and
was made for a wedding gift to be built into a fence.
It features a multi-faceted bevel in the center,
various  textures of clear glass and a magnificent
cobalt blue.
This frame was supplied by a friend to fit in their house in Hot
Springs, NC. Another piece about the same size (25" x 25") is
in a bar in Elon, NC.
Lonesome Pine
with Full Moon
What can we say about this one??
Installed in the rear window of a 1951 AirStream trailer.
Hands holding heart - custom piece