We have numerous items in stock. Unfortunately, we do not have time to get pictures
of everything on the site. These are samples of pieces that we have available.

Each of these pieces is totally unique. We start with a circle of
multi-colored, ring-mottled or otherwise eye-catching piece of
stained glass. We search for the best parts of each sheet to cut out
the circle, aiming for an "I've never seen that before" feeling. Each
piece is accented with glass globs or jewels, chosen specially for
the center, as well as points of radiant glass for a universally
impressive, sunburst effect. Most pieces are finished with copper
patina. These are the perfect gift for the person who has

These pieces are samples, you will
receive a similar piece, since each piece of
glass is different. They are available for
$25.00 including shipping.

Just click on the BUY NOW button next to the piece you wish to purchase
and you will be directed to Paypal for easy payment. If you choose to
use another form of payment please
email or call us.