Other Designs
Small lovable hearts available in red
and pink
$7.00 plus shipping
This is a special version of one of
the holiest symbols in Christianity.
The beveled center leads to elegant
lines and jewels in this cross.
Choose your color: $45.00 plus shipping
Tibetan Knot
A representation of one of the eight
auspicious symbols of Buddhism,
representing the inter-connectedness
of everything. These pieces can be
made in different sizes. We have found
this size, 12 inches tall and 9 inches
wide to be the best. Please specify
color choice when ordering.
Choose your color: $75.00 plus shipping,
premium colors $85.00 plus shipping

Solid color       -     Premium Color
MagFest 2006 Logo
This is a stained glass interpretation of the logo for Magfest in the fall of 2006. The
original has been sold, but we will make others by request.
$1200.00 plus shipping
This page is under construction - please check back for more information and more
pictures of the glass pieces that we make.
Contact us if you have any questions
about these or any custom pieces that you would like to have us make for you.
stained glass peace sign
stained glass dragonfly
Stained Glass Designs
Here are some categories of stained glass designs that we make. Just click on the
title of each category to see a full page of similar designs. Unfortunately, not all
colors may be available. Please click
here for some examples of window panels.