We have some wonderful dresses in any size from 6 months to 3xl. Most dresses are 100 % cotton,
although we do some rayon dresses as well.

The page is an example of the different styles and designs that we make.
If you see a design that you like, remember that we can do pretty much any design on any size or
style of dress.
Adorable Toddler Dress!
We have play dresses for little girls, sizes 6 months to 2 years. These are great for the
little ones. One girl calls it her "painted dress" and makes everyone that sees it want a
These dresses are handmade on a worker's owned co-op in Bolivia
Price: $20.00 plus shipping
6 months

12 months

18 months

Size 2
kid dress tie dye smile
Spiral        Heart
Size 2 ($32.00)

Size 4 ($32,00)

Size 6 ($32.00)

Size 8 ($35.00)

Size 10 ($35.00)

Size 12 ($35.00)