Dragonflies are one of our favorite designs. We love working with the many colors and styles of
glass that make each one different. We use only the highest quality glass that best represents the
delicate wings of these graceful creatures. This page is a sample of dragonflies that we are making
right now. We can also make them in any color, so please let us know if you do not find what you
are looking for here.
Due to the nature of the glass, the piece you receive will have slightly different colors and textures
from the picture shown. We have glass to match the dragonflies in these pictures, but remember
that they are handmade and each piece is unique.
We will do our best to match the picture of whichever dragonfly that you order. If you prefer, you
may specify body and eye color preferences when ordering. We can combine shipping if you order
more than one dragonfly.
The dragonflies measure roughly 10 inches across and 8 1/2 inches tall.
Each Dragonfly is $45.00, including shipping.    
dragonfly stained glass
These wings are made from a beautiful
textured green glass. Shown with light blue
Mountain Family Stained Glass
stained glass dragonfly green wings
stained glass dragonfly blue
stained glass dragonfly purple
stained glass dragonfly blue green
These wings are made from a lightly
textured wispy blue glass. Shown with dark
blue body.
These wings are made from a mixed blue
and green glass. Shown with light blue body
and orange eyes.
purple glass with white and an accent of
blue. Shown with iridescent green body.
stained glass dragonfly